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Learn how to develop professional industry-standard websites with our code ninjas.

We train businesses and individuals that would like to know how to code professional industry-standard websites from scratch. We work with beginners and more advanced coders who are looking for a refresher course or to further their skills.

We also offer Adobe Dreamweaver training.

We can tailor training around your individual requirements and skill level and are happy to work one-to-one or with larger groups. Training can take place at our premises or at a location of your choice. We can also do training via Skype.

We recommend that training is broken down into small sessions but intense courses are also available. The total amount of training required will depend upon each individual’s ability.

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Web Development Training

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Sample Web Development Course Outline

For beginners we would typically go through the following:


  • Stages of web development.
  • Choosing a text editor.
  • How to organise your files and commence a new website.


  • HTML introduction.
  • Creating a basic page structure using block level elements (divs, paragraphs and headings).
  • How to use inline elements (spans, em and strong tags).
  • Inserting text.
  • Working with images.
  • Creating basic navigation using lists.
  • Inserting hyperlinks.


  • CSS introduction.
  • Defining simple CSS rules.
  • Working with classes and IDs.
  • How to style a basic web page layout.
  • Styling text.
  • Using margin, padding and borders.
  • Working with colour and transparency.
  • Styling basic navigation lists.

By the end of the course you will have been taught how to create a basic web page and upload it to the Internet via FTP.

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Web Development

Learn how to develop professional industry-standard websites with our code ninjas.

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