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WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (we love it). We specialise in building beautiful bespoke WordPress themes.

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WordPress is our preferred CMS as it:

  • Is search engine friendly.
  • Offers a huge number of plugins, giving you the opportunity to grow your website with some fantastic features.
  • Allows for us to create bespoke and flexible designs.
  • Allows for pages to be easily added, edited and deleted, via the admin area.
  • Allows us to create multiple page layouts, so that when creating a new page you will be able to pick from a range that have been setup by us.
  • Allows for text, links, images and media to be incorporated into pages, via the admin area.
  • Has an easy-to-use text editor – no need for coding knowledge.
  • Provides a preview page button that can be used before publishing any content.


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If you are looking to allow your employees to update your website via an admin area WordPress says pick me!

WordPress is very user-friendly and for this reason it is popular amongst our clients. If you would like a demonstration of an admin area please book a consultation using the button below.

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Popular WordPress Myths:

Myth: WordPress websites are all template designs that are resold time and time again.

Truth: Yes you can purchase template WordPress themes, which means your website will look the same as hundreds of others out there but if you approach a WordPress specialist (like us!) they can build you a bespoke theme that is used just for your company.

Myth: WordPress has limitations in regards to design and functionality.

Truth: If you find a WordPress specialist the possibilities are endless!

Myth: WordPress is (just) a blogging platform.

Truth: WordPress can be used to make full-scale websites take a look at our website portfolio for some examples.

Myth: WordPress is not scalable.

Truth: WordPress can support your website regardless of the size or amount of traffic that you goes through it.

Myth: WordPress is insecure.

Truth: Hackers will try to exploit the smallest of vulnerabilities in any software, not just WordPress. Read our blog to learn about how to keep your WordPress website secure.

Myth: WordPress is free.

Truth: This isn’t entirely true. WordPress as a platform is free but to use it to its full potential as a business website you would need a WordPress specialist’s help.

Myth: WordPress websites are slow.

Truth: Slow website speeds are usually down to the hosting providers or badly-coded plugins.

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Looking for a solution which will allow you or your employees to take control and carry out updates on your website? Look no further!

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We design and develop online shops that not only look great but are also easy to navigate and appealing to your target audience.

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Looking to drive more traffic to your website by increasing its performance on Google? We have a range of flexible SEO packages to choose from.

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Keep your clients up to date, increase website traffic and boost sales with targeted email campaigns that are branded to your business.

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