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Your brand should be at the heart of all of your business communication. Branding is much more than just a logo design. It should encompass your business’s personality and values and communicate them to potential customers.

We work with start-up businesses as well as established enterprises that are looking to reposition themselves within the market. Our team of highly creative graphic designers and marketing experts will guide you through every step of your brand development, from brief to completion.

It is very much a step-by-step process where we would communicate with you and welcome feedback throughout.

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We offer all clients an initial free consultation; this gives us the opportunity to get to know your business, target market and aims and objectives. This is where we discover what makes your brand unique and where you want to position yourself within the market.



The next stage is for us to carry out competitor research as well as learn more about the target market. This is an important step as we can see what ingredients have helped to make your competitors successful. We can then learn from this and start putting a plan together to make your branding stand out from the rest.

Market Research


We will work with you to create your brand. This process includes logo design and branding guidelines. The branding guidelines will include:

  • Mission statement and values
  • Target audience
  • Brand personality
  • Colour pallets
  • Logo guidelines
  • Typography
  • Photography/imagery style
  • Tone of voice
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If you would like to find out more about our branding services please contact us to book a free consultation with one of our experts.

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