• How much does a website cost?

    We get asked this question a lot and it is a difficult one to answer as our website packages are bespoke and tailored around your businesses’ needs. Like all agencies we have an hourly rate and base our quotes on that multiplied by how long we estimate the work will take.

    We offer all potential clients an initial free consultation so that we can take the time to understand your business and present you with a package that we feel best meets your requirements. We will also provide you with a detailed proposal which outlines the specification for your website as well as the costs involved.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    This can vary from one project to the next depending on the size of the website and how complex it is. A small basic website can take between 3-4 weeks; whilst a larger and more advanced one (such as an ecommerce website) can be much longer. The time can also be down to how quickly you are able to get back to us with your feedback throughout the project. If you have a particular deadline in mind let us know, as we will always do our best to accommodate you.

  • Will my website design be bespoke?

    There is a common misconception that all websites that are built using a CMS, such as WordPress, use off-the-shelf template themes. Although many web companies may choose to sell their clients pre-made themes, this is not something that we endorse. Instead we design custom themes for our clients that are tailored around your brand and unique specifications.

    Therefore, unless otherwise agreed, unlike off-the-shelf themes that are mass sold, your theme will not be re-sold to another client.

  • Can I see my website while it is in progress?

    Yes! We build your website in a test environment and provide you with a link so that you can monitor its progress. We welcome feedback and are proud to offer phone, email and face-to-face communication to all of our clients, where possible. Once your site is ready and you have provided your approval, we release it live on the Internet.

  • Will I be able to update the website myself?

    Clients that wish to be able to update their website themselves will be offered a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a web-based application produced to help individuals to create and manage their website’s content. A popular CMS is WordPress, which is also one of our preferred applications. A website that has been built onto a CMS will come with an admin area, which will give you the ability to make content updates to your website without the need for coding knowledge.

  • Is training included within the price?

    If you opt to have a CMS, once the website is complete we will supply training in the admin area as well as any requested documentation. We are also happy for you to call us with any small queries after your training has taken place. Further training sessions can also be arranged, if required, for an additional fee.

  • Can you carry out website updates for us?

    Yes of course, we offer a range of flexible website maintenance packages. Alternately, you can provide us with a list of changes and we can give you an upfront quote for the work.

  • What is a domain name?

    A domain name is used to identify your website, for example our domain name is www.athenawebdesigns.co.uk. Domain names have expiry dates so you will need to ensure that you renew them when required. If you do not have a domain name we can register one on your behalf.

  • What if I already have a domain name?

    No problem we can transfer your domain name over to our care or you can continue to use your existing company.

  • What if I have/want multiple domain names?

    We can register or transfer multiple domain names for you. They can then be redirected through to your main domain name so that your website can be accessed from either of them.

  • What is website hosting?

    Hosting is where you rent a space on a server for your website files to be stored. All websites require hosting. Hosting is usually paid for on a monthly or annual basis. The cost for hosting can depend on the amount of space your website is taking up.

  • Where can my website be hosted?

    We can arrange website hosting for you or if you would prefer to arrange this yourself we can upload the website to your chosen hosting provider’s server; it would however be your responsibility to ensure that the hosting package is suitable for your business as well as compatible with the website.

  • Will you setup email accounts for me?

    Yes we can set you up on Office 365. If you already have email accounts but would like to transfer them over to our care we can also help with this.

  • Will my website show up on Google?

    We ask all of our website clients to setup a Google account, we will then submit your website to Google. Once this has been done it gives you a better chance of coming up on Google quickly for your company name. If you would like to appear on Google for specific key phrases, such as the product or service that you offer, we offer Search Engine Optimisation packages which can be quoted for separately.

  • Once I have paid for my website will I own it?

    Once your website is paid in full you will own it. Any new domain names that are purchased through us will also be registered in your name, so as long as you keep up with your annual renewal payments this will also remain yours.

  • Do I have to provide my own images?

    No if you do not have your own images we can source them for you from a third party stock library, create them for you or recommend a photographer.

  • Will I receive regular reports on my website?

    We ask all of our website clients to setup a Google account, we will then be able to setup Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics will give you access to a range of statistics on your website, such as how many visitors it is receiving and where they are coming from. If you opt to go on a Search Engine Optimisation package with us you will also received a custom report direct from us every month.

  • What are the payment terms for the design and development of my website?

    We typically ask for a 50% deposit, 25% on sign-off of the home page build and 25% on completion just before the website goes live.